Health Web Observatory

Through an in-depth analysis of interactions on the net, our goal is to understand dynamics that govern the relationship between Health and Web.

The so called “digital health or collecting activity of information on the health status, on pathology, on products and on pharmaceutical companies on the net, represent a widespread tendency of internet users to use, personally manage, share with other patients or during the visit with their doctor, all collected informations.

The possibility to obtain informations quickly and easily at any time and place makes the web one of the preferred health media today. Users in fact do not search only information on the net. The number of those who use it for practical aspects (booking visits / exams, communicating by e-mail with their doctor) or to discuss health-related topics on social media is growing.

More and more users are using social media to share opinions and experiences regarding pathologies, drugs and companies that produce them. Thus, conversations on social networks and on the web produce enormous amounts of unstructured data.

Therefore, it becomes essential to know how to collect and manage them, in order to obtain useful information to create the right communication strategies and content curation.

These premises made, Health Web Observatory‘s target is to pursue the following aims:

-To analyze demand and supply of health in “the internet age”.

-To study and monitor researches in health area carried out on internet, social networks and digital activities (eg apps, or other) by health professionals, patients, family members and stakeholders.

-To understand impact that information on the web has on health choices and on opinions and thouhts’ development in health field.

-To analyze doctor-patient relationship in internet and social media age to understand social and relational changes.

-To develope strategies and programs (eg training or CME) to manage the correct information about health on web, possibly in agreement with institutional authorities, scientific societies, associations etc., in order to be able to contribute to the process of improving health information helping the achievement of common goals, to be activated with appropriate procedures.

-To promote a fruitful socio-sanitary and cultural debate and a concrete interaction with Institutional Bodies, with the Press, with Scientific Societies in the medical field, with Patient Associations, to be activated with dedicated “job tables”.

-To know similar Associations activities implemented at International level, in order to promote cooperation and the pursuit of shared objectives and strategies at European level.

-To use all the communication channels useful starting from digital information to allow the widest base of institutional / political / social dialogue.

-To understand institutional entities’ needs and of the related socio-sanitary thought, through specific sector studies conducted by qualified companies.

-To create projects to be set up with specially created work groups.

-To actively support exchanging of opinions and experiences and for best practices in the field of health communication.